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    I have a 5000+ sq. ft. Home with over 25 wireless devices. What is the best router for this

    We use multiple gaming systems
    iPhones ipads laptops and smart Tvs
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    You'd probably need a good netgear plus repeaters in every room. Let's see a floor plan?

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    Our house is between 4000 and 5000 sq ft and we use a Asus rt-n66u. It works fine for most of the house, but the signal does get weaker up in the master bedroom. At some point, we will probably go with repeaters but for now, the ASUS serves our needs fine. I am up in my room a lot, especially while working from home and even though the signal is not as strong up there, it generally keeps me connected all day.
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    Honestly most modern routers will serve you, I used to like on a 840 sq Metre property (9000ft) and we have an cheap one our provider gave us in the 500sq metre house. You could get connection almost everywhere, albeit some spots better then others.

    The problem with top end routers is that some devices cannot support them yet. I would personally look at the tech sites - they often have routers of the year e.g. best under $X or for range etc. They tend to explain the pros and cons of each - so that will be easiest for you buying a router to best suit your needs.

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    I'd suggest checking out Connectedly's how to choose the best router guide here:


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