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    Question Is there a SmartBand with a PANIC button for the elderly?

    Hi Fellow SmartWatch fans!

    I'm desperately looking for a smart looking SmartBand for my 70+yo Mom.

    She already has an Android SmartPhone, which has BlueTooth capabilities.

    The Mota (link) is PERFECT, IF it has a dedicated PANIC button,
    so when she has an accident or something (last week, she bumped her head really badly into a door, bleed quite a lot too ...)
    she can just reach over and Press the RED PANIC BUTTON,
    and have it:
    1) Call Me
    2) Option Call 911
    3) Send me an SMS, and also state her location
    4) Call in sequence a list of close family contacts
    5) etc.

    Does anyone know of any SmartWatch / SmartBand that can do that?
    Already available, on KickStarter, or Indegogo, or others ...

    I'm in Toronto, Canada.
    I know the Filip might be the perfect thing, but they replied to me already, and said they are AT&T only.

    Thank you soooo much for your time!
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    http://forums.connectedly.com/off-to...children-1483/ hmm check this out

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    Fist of all Welcome to Connectedly and we are happy to have you. I looked through a few bands and watches myself and could not find anything. Garmin just came out with a new line of fitness bands but I don't think they have what you want.
    What you are asking for would be great and I think would best be found in an Android App for the phone. Have you tried Looking for an app for the phone? If I find anything else I will post again to let you know and good luck.
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    I could not find anything either. I do know that Life Call is still around though. You remember them, they were the ones with that funny commercial....

    LifeCall | Medical Alert System
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    Wearable for the elderly and children hmm check this out

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    I don't know of a band, either. But that would be a great feature!

    And welcome to Connectedly!
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    There are watches (HOT, and others I can't remember right now) that will have an accelerometer that will have the option to automatically dial a designated emergency contact.

    Plus with HOT and Kreyos you can press a button or two and simply speak "Call xxx".

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