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    This is my first review here.
    This special gadget, NXRemote Kit -- Android OTG Zigbee IR converter, is product of a new Taiwan company, NXControl. Applying their patent technology -- Zigbee to IR, can be used for long distance. And the special SCENARIO can reply your operation of different remotes.

    It seems some limits of photos, so just post a simple version.

    The package

    Main products Including:
    1 NXRemote
    USB dongle (for Android OTG smartphone) -- Zigbee Transmitter.
    5 NxBee
    Zigbee receiver / IR converter. Coin size, battery (CR2032) inside.

    1. Install the App first.

    And must allow the app to access USB.

    2. Plug to NXRemote to smartphone

    The LED light will turn green.

    3. Pair Nxbee
    Open the APP, it will go to home page. Go to setting to pair NxBee.

    Click + to find avail Nxbee

    Every Nxbee has a pairing code. Type the four digit code to pair.

    Define the remote to be learn.

    Pree the button to be learn and press the dummy button in 9 seconds. The learning is very fast and precisely.

    If you cannot find a corresponding button, many blank ones can be defined.

    Direct Use
    Choose a remote and press buttons. It work just like a remote. The Nxbee must put somewhere near to the IR receiver of the equipment.

    Some latency is unavoidable, but acceptable. Need some practice, it will be okay.
    Distance: My test is over 20 meters without obstacle can work perfect. In my home with two concrete wall in 10 meters, it works well, too.

    Press the camera icon in any remote panel, it will start to record your operation.

    And go to scenario, it will repeat all the same job.

    Summary of the test

    I am very satisfied with the performance of NxRemote Kit. No matter the distance, the accuracy, and the smart programable scenario.

    If you hide your AV equipment (DVD, amplifier, etc) in the closet around TV. You don't need to open the door in order to operate it. The coin size and one-to-manage-many is very convenient to the digital life. You don't need to find the missing remote.

    As to the drawbacks, yes, still some. My biggest complain is iOS version (lightning dock) is not yet ready. 2. Certain latency will reduce the accuracy. Along with distance or or something in between will prolong the latency.

    I think this creative company will try there best to keep improving the performance in the near future. Hope a perfect NXRemote kit will come to market soon.
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    Got it... thanks....
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    Thanks for sharing this review.
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