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    Garmin S6 Approach Golf GPS Watch Review

    Hello All,

    I have been using the Garmin S6 Approach GPS golf watch (https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into...rod138810.html) for a few months now.

    This watch offers golf GPS, in round scoring and stat keeping, tempo-training and bluetooth to receive notifications and sync with the Garmin Connect app.

    Unfortunately, this watch gets in its own way as it bolsters a terrible battery. I was SUPER excited the first time I took it out to the course only to be let down and have the watch die on me after 7 holes.

    See, I had the bluetooth connected to receive texts (being a pebble owner, of course i was excited for this feature), but quickly found out that with the bluetooth connected the watch is useless as the battery just zeroes out. I even tested this with GPS off...I wore the watch to work one day with the GPS off but bluetooth connected and the watch lasted roughly 3 hours.

    With bluetooth turned off and GPS on while playing a round, 18 holes typically drains 60% of the battery, which is fine but if you were out for a longer outing you'd be in trouble.

    The GPS is very accurate, and the in round stat tracking and score keeping works well, but it is a pain to sync with the Garmin Connect app, so frustrates me to the point where I usually give up.

    The "tempo-training" is basically just a beeping sound for you to time or get in sync with on your own...it offers no feedback.

    This watch boasts a $400 price tag and for a device that can't last a full round with all of its features, falls far short of what it needs to justify that price.

    Get something cheaper, as I mentioned the GPS works great, so go with an S2, more bang for your buck!
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    That is quite pricey! Has firmware been pushed to address this issue?
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    not as of yet...

    i have mine on craigslist...going to be switching to a hand held unit...

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