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  1. zocster's Avatar
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    What would you mount your GoPro to?

    The latest craze it seems to have them mounted on to a RC Helicopter ...

    Have you taken your GoPro skiing yet?
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  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
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    I actually like the videos captured by GoPro cameras taken by animals. 😁

    I know it isn't funny to the person whose camera got destroyed, but seeing videos from a bird's point of view is cool.

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  3. jsarino's Avatar
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    If I get my "fun car" running again, I would mount a GoPro to either the roof or the side of the car when doing any spirited driving (ie: autocrossing). On track days, it would likely reside inside the car, on the dash or mounted at the rear deck.
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    Mine is all about my bike!

    There's nothing like carving out twisties or touring through the mountains on a motorcycle, and with a GoPro along for the ride you can really get some great clips to remember it buy!
  5. Daytona123's Avatar
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    I'd much rather have one of these!


    Same kind of thing, but takes pictures throughout the day. Great for capturing the days moments as they happen, without whipping out the camera all the time
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  6. zocster's Avatar
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    Well not sure where this would fit

    A go pro attached to a remote controlled phantom drone!

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    That's so cool! I need to find more used for my gopro. We took it to the lake and couldn't figure out a good way to mount it to a tube for tubing. My daughter had it on her chest go get a shot of her face while she was tubing but it only got her chin.
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    Usually i mount my gopro to surfboard when do surfing and swimming activities
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    Older thread but I mount it to a tripod for timelapse, my head, my chest, lol.
    I usually handhold it when in a pool with the kids but its been on jetski, raft towed behind a boat, RC truck and kids bikes.

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