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    Viper SmartKey turns your phone into a car key!

    Vista, Calif. (April 7, 2014) With Viper SmartStart, Viper was the first to give people complete connectivity between their smartphone and vehicle to start, unlock, lock and track their cars from virtually anywhere in the world. Today, the 30-year leader in vehicle security launched Viper SmartKey, which provides hands free, keyless entry and exit from a vehicle using Bluetooth technology, controlled from the Viper SmartStart smartphone app. The Viper SmartKey system is available beginning today for $149.99 at Viper authorized dealers nationwide.

    Viper SmartKey creates a wireless perimeter around a vehicle that responds to a smartphone without pushing any buttons or launching any apps through the cloud-connected technology of Viper SmartStart. Compatible with any Viper security or remote start system, the phone simply needs to be within a given range of a car when entering and exiting to unlock or lock the door.

    Viper SmartKey is controlled through the latest version of the Viper SmartStart smartphone app (Viper SmartStart v3.2), which is available now for free download on iTunes. The app includes one-touch range programming for passive entry, interactive range display and an advanced system to manage automatic locking when a vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

    Our mission is to provide people with complete connectivity to their vehicles while enhancing safety, functionality and piece of mind, said John Durbin, Director of Product Management at Viper. Viper SmartKey represents the next evolution of Viper products, delivering an intuitive hands-free vehicle entry system that works seamlessly with a smartphone.

    Can't wait! Who's tested this, reviews please!
  2. jsntrenkler's Avatar
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    I love the new products from Viper, I really want one of these in a bad way.
  3. MATTHEW VALERI's Avatar
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    Very interesting. I'm not sure I'd totally trust it and would still carry my key. Then if so what would be the difference between this and a touch unlocker and push button start when your keyfob is in your pocket (as many cars can do).

    In short, interesting concept. Love seeing technology being integrated into "normal life" but not sure if ultimately useful or just a fun toy.
  4. Fairclough's Avatar
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    From Perth, Western Australia
    Good idea to except I can see issues for those moments when your phone dies.

    Posted via Magical Leprechaun's who power a Nexus 4. N'oublions jamais l'Australie, Villers-Bretonneux.
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    I looked at these when designing an Unlock system via tasker. I would love to give it ago, but too many other gadgets to buy.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. kataran's Avatar

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    Yes. I use Viper remotes right now

    I want this badly plan on buying a Conversion Van soon and will be getting this system installed
  7. Xader's Avatar
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    Very cool.

    This seems like one of those things that could interconnect very well with wearables, especially smartwatches.
  8. nwthomps's Avatar
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    I would love to have this on my sky.

    Posted via Connectedly App
  9. David Lohrentz's Avatar
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    I'm curious how they would prevent someone from stealing your phone and your car?

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