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  1. jsarino's Avatar
    A recent CNN article had a discussion about Apple's CarPlay, which is a smartphone integration system (Google is developing a similar product). Though proponents say that using CarPlay will keep your focus on the road while accessing your iPhone's apps hands-free, opponents argue that you become just as much distracted as using your phone directly.

    Do you believe CarPlay is a good or bad feature to have in a car? Vote your choice and post below!
    04-28-2014 04:16 PM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    To be totally honest, I don't think Carplay is going to distract drivers any more than their normal in-car infotainment system. Regardless of the functionality offered, I think you're equally distracted when you're staring at a screen in the center of your console as opposed to looking where you're going.
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    04-29-2014 10:50 AM
  3. MacBipes's Avatar
    The level of distraction will be directly related to the driver and past experience with in-car technology features. You might even say having children in your car is a distraction, or reaching down to grab a sip of that overpriced Starbucks. Adding more and more features can be a great thing, if people are trained how to use them before discovering new features at 60mph.

    My hope is that more infotainment systems integrate some type of restrictions when the vehicle is moving at speeds over 10mph. An example would be to limit searching new artists in Spotify or web browsing at speeds over 10mph. You are able to change playlists you have already created with a push of a button or a command to Siri. Rumors are also surfacing that we may see technology that understands if your phone is in a driver's hand or in the passenger seat.

    As always, no text message or email is THAT important; calls can be taken hands-free by most systems today.
    05-02-2014 09:36 AM
  4. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    I thought it was a distraction ever since it was announced (CarPlay announcement, not iOS in the Car announcement)!

    At least Windows Phone's driving mode makes it much less distracting...
    05-02-2014 10:05 AM
  5. WCWC's Avatar
    I don't think it will cause more distractions than the existing Nav/radio/phone systems. If anything it will provide an interface you are familiar with, unlike the existing systems in most cars.
    05-02-2014 01:27 PM
  6. walley_eye's Avatar
    We just bought a new Chevrolet with the MyLink system and Apple Carplay and at first it was a little distracting but as I learned to use both I found it to be an awesome combination and isn't distracting at all.

    I get in the car, plug in my iPhone and from that point on I can do everything hands free flawlessly. I can use Siri to send and receive text messages, play any music I want just by telling Siri to play it(combined with Apple music youre choices are endless), phone anyone in my address book just by telling Siri to phone. It works flawlessly. And is no more a distraction as any other normal radio.

    All in all I think apple CarPlay and Chevrolet mylink is amazing and makes driving so much more enjoyable. Oh and using the navigation is awesome!!! Siri, give directions to blah blah and BOOM it comes up on the screen and takes me there with all the info I need on the screen while verbally giving the same turn by turn directions.

    I have Fords sync system in my truck without the touch screen and it doesn't work as good as CarPlay.

    Can't wait to get a new F-150 because it will have apple CarPlay in it.

    Well done Apple and Chevrolet!!!
    04-28-2017 06:30 AM

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