1. bauitlinalyn@gmail.com's Avatar
    The caller cannot hear my voice
    07-18-2014 01:45 PM
  2. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Have you tried a reboot, tried another call to see if it was a one time glitch? Are you using stock rom or did you flash it with a different rom? If not stock, what rom are you using? The more info you can give us, the easier it is for us to help.
    Golfdriver97 likes this.
    07-18-2014 01:49 PM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Did you get an update? Have you rebooted into recovery to clear the cache or have you done a factory reset?
    09-02-2014 10:10 AM
  4. Teejai80's Avatar
    Are you talking?

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
    09-04-2014 04:39 AM

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