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    [CENTER]Control Wemo with your Voice![/CENTER]

    Hi everyone! I'd like to get the Connectedly forums off the ground and going in the right direction with useful and detailed tutorials. There are some videos floating around out there, but they all seem to be more of a "look what I can do" type thing - as opposed to helping others accomplish the same, or similar task. That's not what the Connectedly community is about!

    Before we get started - let me state that in theory, this method should work with other things. Not just Wemo devices. I have only tested with Wemo at this point, but I will soon update with Smart Things Control and Connect Kit as well.

    Update : I can now confirm that the following guide is applicable to the Smart Things line of products.


    1. Android Device Running 4.0+ (Root not required for basic functionality)
    2. Belkin Wemo Device
    3. IFTTT Account
    4. Tasker Application
    5. Auto Voice Plugin for Tasker (Premium Version Preferred)

    [CENTER]Step 1 - Create IFTTT Account[/CENTER]

    This can be done from a computer or mobile web browser. There is also an official IFTTT Android application. Steps will be identical for either. The visual references are from the website.

    • Create Account.
    • Select Create Recipe.
    • Select This - and select SMS. This will require activating the SMS channel and setting up your IFTTT phone number if this is your first time.
    • Choose Send IFTTT an SMS Tagged.
    • Enter the tag that you would like to trigger the command. I named mine BonusRoomLamp. We will call this later on in Tasker.
    • Choose That - and select your Wemo device. In this demonstration - we are using the Wemo switch.
    • Choose Toggle On/Off
    • Choose the switch that you would like to control from the Wemo Drop down box
    • Select Create Action.

    [HowTo] Control Wemo devices (and others) with your Voice!-ifttt-1.jpg
    [HowTo] Control Wemo devices (and others) with your Voice!-ifttt-2.jpg

    THATS IT! IFTTT should now control your switch if you manually send an SMS to your IFTTT number with the hashtag you specified. Go ahead and test it out. If it works, head to step 2. Do not proceed to step 2 if this manual process is not working.

    [CENTER]Step 2 - Setup Tasker[/CENTER]

    • Open Tasker and slide over to Tasks. Ignore Profile for now.
    • Click the + button and name your task.
    • Click the + button to add an action.
    • Choose Phone.
    • Choose Send SMS.
    • Enter your IFTTT phone number in the Number field.
    • Enter the Hashtag that you selected in the IFTTT setup in the Message field.
    • Click back arrow in the top left to return to the Action List.

    You should now be back at a screen that looks like this :

    [HowTo] Control Wemo devices (and others) with your Voice!-screenshot_2014-05-01-11-56-11.jpg

    Everything looking good? Then let's continue!

    • Select back arrow in top left to return to main Tasker screen.
    • Slide to the Profiles tab.
    • Select the + icon.
    • Select State.
    • Select Plugin.
    • Select AutoVoice Recognized.
    • Select the Pen in the top right to configure.
    • Place a check mark next to Event Behavior.
    • Select Speak Filter. A voice prompt will appear. This is where you speak the command that you want to trigger the task we just set. I spoke "Turn on Bonus Room Lamp". Wait for a few seconds. Text should appear for you to confirm what you meant to say. Select the correct text. You can repeat this step as another profile later on, but say "Turn Off Bonus Room Lamp", since we created a toggle through IFTTT.
    • *Optional* Select Precision and enter 3. This will enable more relaxed speech with your device.
    • Select the check mark in the top right corner to confirm.
    • Select the back arrow in the top left to return to main window.
    • A popup will now appear. Asking what task you want to trigger with the voice command you just set. Select the task we created. I selected Bonus Room Lamp.

    You should now have a screen that looks something like this :

    [HowTo] Control Wemo devices (and others) with your Voice!-screenshot_2014-05-01-12-49-35.jpg

    Still looking good? Lets test it!

    [CENTER]Step 3 - Test Basic Functionality[/CENTER]

    If all of the prior steps have been successfully completed, then we are ready to test. Head to your home screen and perform the following actions:

    • Add Widget to Home Screen.
    • Select Recognize from your widget list.
    • Here you can tweak some parameters. This is not required. Tweak if you want, or seleect the check mark in the top right corner to continue.
    • Tap the recognize button and speak the command you setup earlier. Wait for the mic to stop listening. you should then see a popup with what it heard.
    • This can take up to ten seconds or so to activate. Wait. Do not get impatient. You get the timing of things with practice.

    [CENTER]Part 4 - Google Now (Root Required)[/CENTER]

    [CENTER]Coming soon! I need a break from righting this long thing! It'll be up tonight![/CENTER]

    Hopefully everything went as planned and you can now control your Wemo switch with your voice. If there are enough requests, I will gladly throw together a video. I am human and work full time But please feel free to post you questions or comments here in the forums.

    Feel free to follow on Twitter and Instagram. @_lukasskott_ Specific questions to this topic should be discussed here in the forum though please.

    My Smart Things Know and Control Kit is being delivered today. Be on the lookout for some awesome future tutorials with that stuff!
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    Welcome Lucas! And thank you for a detailed how to! I may move you around to the appropriate 'how to' section of the site. Let's see how we go.
    05-01-2014 02:11 PM
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    Oops! Sorry about that. Move it where it fits best.

    I cant wait to write up more. Its going to be a busy weekend!
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    Thanks for the great write up!
    05-01-2014 02:27 PM
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    Oops! Sorry about that. Move it where it fits best.

    I cant wait to write up more. Its going to be a busy weekend!
    Haven't decided yet, as this part of the forum need posts as well lol.
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    Great guide. Hopefully Apple follows through with opening up their Siri APIs to 3rd parties. Then this will be easily possible with an iPhone as well.
    05-03-2014 10:31 AM
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    Yep, I would think so. There was a jailbreak tweak a while back that added additional siri functionality, but I'm not sure if they have a tasker equivalent... Automator maybe.. Don't think it had the same level though.

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    Just a heads up - I haven't updated the OP with the Google Now access since the most recent Google Search update broke the API hook that was being used in the xposed framework. I'll update whenever that gets worked out

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