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    Magellan has announced that they will be adding more sporting app categories to their Echo line of smartwatches. At CES*they will unveil the additions of golf, skiing, hiking and other apps to the Echo devices. This will add to the already great functionality of the Echo watch as well as add appeal for more users. The Echo line will also be expanding to feature new colors that include Dark Blue and Gray, making a 5-color lineup.*
    Check out the press release for more.

    Full story from the Smartwatch Fans Blog...
    01-03-2014 07:40 AM
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    Thanks for the heads up.
    01-04-2014 05:36 PM
  3. zocster's Avatar
    Nice looking phones!

    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
    01-04-2014 08:43 PM

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