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    I'm posting this to share my experience and warn others from making the same mistake I made.

    I used to be a loyal Fitbit patron. I enjoyed my own Fitbit and because my past experience with Fitbit customer service was so efficient and easy, I also gifted a lot of Fitbit products to others under the assumption that my recipients would also have no issue returning or exchanging their product if need be. Either Fitbit's customer service changed or I've always been wrong.

    In May 2017, I learned that not only was I wrong about Fitbit having good customer service, but that the absolute opposite was actually true -- Fitbit's customer service is so abhorrent that it is virtually non-existent. Fitbit promises and fails to return calls, does not come through on any of its promises (literally, 0% thus far), and I can't help but feel that Fitbit is now intentionally making receiving a refund as difficult and frustrating as possible in order to dissuade customers from returning their items.

    My journey of pure hold-time hell and bull**** run-around answers began when I bought my dad a Fitbit and an accompanying accessory for Father's Day. Since late May, I've -- no exaggeration -- spent every week emailing and speaking via phone to Fitbit customer service. Every week, there's some new excuse about why I can't receive a refund. At this point, I feel like speaking to Fitbit customer service is a part-time job...ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK. FITBIT IS IN POSSESSION OF THE PRODUCTS. PLEASE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

    I purchased the items in question from Fitbit in late May. Today it's August 13. I just got off the phone from another one hour conversation with Fitbit support. Today was the same as always: whenever I speak to Fitbit, I'm constantly given contradicting answers and told to wait for one thing or another before whatever I'm waiting for never occurs; rinse, recycle, repeat. Today Fitbit announced to me that despite communicating with the company and waiting for a refund for the last 2 months, I would have to wait another "6 to 8 weeks from today in order to process the refund," which is ridiculous because Fitbit has been in possession of the Father's Day gifts since JULY. Despite communicating to Fitbit how long I've waited for the refund, the amount of times I've called and emailed just to get my money back, and the fact that waiting until OCTOBER for items I purchased in MAY essentially amounts to Fitbit requiring customers to wait HALF A YEAR before they can receive a refund, Fitbit has responded by repeating the same party line: "we have internal procedures we must follow." (Michelle, from the customer service department, didn't even listen to what I was saying and would just repeat "sorry, we have internal procedures we must follow" over and over. Instead of having a customer service department, Fitbit could deliver the same level of service and save money by replacing the customer service department with a tape recorder of Michelle saying "we have internal procedures we must follow" running on an endless loop.)

    After this experience, I will never, ever, ever purchase a Fitbit item as a gift. In retrospect, I wonder if I've unintentionally subjected all of the people I've gifted Fitbit items to to a similar frustratingly annoying fate. To save yourself and your loved ones a minimum of 6 months of frustrating phone calls back and forth with Fitbit begging for your money back, DO. NOT. PURCHASE. FITBIT. ITEMS. If you purchase a Fitbit item from Fitbit, you should be 100% certain you will not need to return or exchange the product because despite 6 months of constant communication with the company, it's yet to be seen if I will ever receive my money back.

    Honestly, Fitbit's customer service is so bad I'm not sure it complies with federal laws regarding business practices. Fitbit makes it SO UNBELIEVABLY difficult to receive a refund, it's virtually impossible.

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    08-13-2017 10:50 PM

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