1. wheeler81's Avatar
    Wheeler81 wishes you.all.good health, peace and happiness. Ialso would love the Sonos ,as I.sure many of you would too.
    Bye for now.
    05-28-2014 05:27 PM
  2. Daytona123's Avatar
    Hey, welcome to Connectedly! Nice to have another canuck in the forums too ;D Looking forward to seeing you around!
    05-28-2014 05:33 PM
  3. Fairclough's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums and best of luck with the contest.

    Posted via Connectedly App
    05-28-2014 05:52 PM
  4. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Welcome to Connectedly! Glad to have you here.
    05-28-2014 05:56 PM
  5. zocster's Avatar
    Welcome to Connectedly, wheeler81!
    05-28-2014 08:13 PM
  6. pkcable's Avatar
    First off, welcome to Connectedly!
    Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.
    If you need anything, please reach out to me.
    In the mean time please take sometime and familiarize yourself with our Community Rules and Guidelines. Community Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thanks and again glad to have you here!!!
    05-28-2014 09:56 PM
  7. anon721037's Avatar
    Well lookie here another maritimer , I'm from across the puddle, pei , Welcome.
    05-28-2014 10:20 PM
  8. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Welcome to Connectedly....ENJOY
    06-10-2014 08:27 AM
  9. pkcable's Avatar
    Connectedly rules!

    06-10-2014 09:40 AM
  10. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Welcome to Connectedly! Have fun looking around our newest forum.
    06-21-2014 11:26 AM
  11. taz323's Avatar
    Hello and welcome
    06-22-2014 07:25 AM

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