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    I am looking for a fast & cheapest VPN that can be easily configured on my router so that all the devices connected to it our secured and can be used for all my and my family's streaming needs. I have heard a fast VPN can bypass throttling, so it'd be great if someone can suggest me a VPN.

    Edit: Leme know if there are some deals coming in for Black Friday!
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    Hi there, hope you are doing good. Yes, you heard right. A VPN service can mask your IP address and get rip of throttling imposed on speeds and downloads, all while offering better security and anonymity. ExpressVPN is a good choice, if you are looking for a fast VPN. It even has its own router, so it may make life a whole lot easier for you but still if you get confuse than here is some good information available related to fastest and Cheap VPN services
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