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    This is a cool little dome camera. No, it is not PTZ, but a fixed lens that can be rotated and aimed at will. Installing requires you to remove the back housing entirely, and mount it to a wall via the mounting holes. Then you reattach and aim the lens as desired. Just unscrew the base a little to loosen the camera socket, manipulate it to point in any direction you like, then tighten the base back up to lock into place. Naturally, you should do this while watching a live feed of your camera so you can get the exact placement you want. The cam is solidly built out of metal, so it's durable and can withstand some impacts. The night vision is superb, with an intense IR spotlight that makes everything completely visible, even in total darkness.
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    This is a 720P Mini IR LED Day&Night HD Dome IP Camera, Dome Network Camera.
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    Setting up the camera itself can be rather convoluted if you've never done it before, so let me break it down for you as easily as I can:

    >> Install the Device Manager off the included disk and ignore everything else. Open the program and click IP Search to find your new cam, which should obviously be powered on and connected to your network via Ethernet cable. Change the IP address of the cam to anything you want, and make sure the gateway IP is correct.

    >> Open Internet Explorer and type in the newly assigned IP address for your camera. Be sure to approve the Active X plugins. Then select English from the drop-down menu on the upper right. (this step doesn't work with Firefox or Chrome.) Now og into the web interface with user name "admin" and the password left blank. Once inside, this is where you can make all the tweaks, changes and adjustments to your camera, including, user name and password, contrast, brightness and remove the date and time stamp if you want.

    >> For Blue Iris - add a new camera using the new IP address you created. Select generic camera RTSP H264/JPEG/MPEG 4 and insert this line of text into path field: /user={id}&password={pw}&channel=1&stream=0.sdp/trackID=3 Next, add the user name and password you created into the fields on the upper right, or leave it admin with a blank password if you did not set your own user and password. Your new cam is now live on Blue Iris.

    I was given this cam at a discount in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say, I love this cam. Great price, excellent performance, easy to setup once you know how, and killer image quality. I may buy more of these. Enjoy!
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    The Arlo Pro is a reliable outdoor Wi-Fi camera that's compact and completely wireless, thanks to a removable, rechargeable battery that, based on our testing, should provide at least a couple of months of operation on a charge. It's also the only device on our list that offers seven days of free cloud storage, and packs in motion- and audio-triggered recordings for whenever you get around to reviewing them.

    With a 130-degree viewing angle and 720p resolution, the Arlo Pro provided clear video footage during both day and night, and the two-way audio was easy to understand on both ends. The system also features the ability to set rules, which can trigger alerts for motion and audio. You can adjust the level of sensitivity so that you don't get an alert or record a video clip every time a car drives by. You can also set up alerts based on a schedule or geofencing using your mobile device, but you can't define custom zones for monitoring. All of those controls are easy to find in the Arlo app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.
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